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FOOD!!! Yes, I need pictures! My recipes need pictures around them to identify instead of just a title. They are tweaked to work for us in terms of ease, ingredients frequently on hand, real or pure ingredients(for the most part), our family taste, and usually SOY-FREE or easily adapted to be SOY-FREE. SOY-FREE tagged recipes still mean you have to know what ingredients you are putting in are truly SOY-FREE and even if is was SOY-FREE in the past, you have to check it each time you buy it. Ingredients change frequently and can even be different from store to store or expiration date to expiration date for the same product. Homeschool and Afterschooling notes and ideas are here too. I'll probably separater the blog later, but for now, this is the place for family and friends to look. Time Impaired Living has many definitions that I may update as time goes on or doesn't. To begin with, I'll say that Time Impaired includes time lost because of the schedule of a wonderfully dynamic family. It also includes the nonexistent sense of time when disability kicks in.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chilaquiles Recipe

La Fe Tortillaria makes great Chilaquiles, but I really fell in love with them in La Jolla at a taco shop across the road from where I worked years ago.  The ones from La Fe make a great quick breakfast meal where I know they will make them for me.  The ones in La Jolla didn't even have any meat and were the cheapest thing on the menu but a huge portion and sooooooooo good.  Some friends from Mexico laugh at me when I say these are one of my favorite things and lots of taco dives kind of laugh at me when I ask if they make them because they are what people just make at home usually from leftovers.  This recipe post  is more of a summary of what can go in Chilaquiles that I have enjoyed from many different people and places.

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