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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Soy Free Barbeque BBQ Sauce Recipe

BBQ sauce is always a challenge on a soy free diet.  We are of the thicker tomato based sweet BBQ liking persuasion.  The thinner, heavy vinegar based kind weve eaten in the south is not what you will find made in our kitchen.

Sorry, if that is what you are looking for.  

Two exact same looking bottles of sauce on the shelf at the same store can at times have different ingredients.  When calling the manufacturers, they often don't even know and will even say no soy over the phone when it is listed on the bottle. So... if you aren't sure from past trial and error and supplier that BBQ is safe then you have to approximate and make your own. 

I make it differently each time but about the same.  This chicken scratch is from one of the times I wrote down what I used after making it.

The basics to a soy free sweet BBQ Sauce are basically manipulating the amounts of some kind of vinegar, brown and white sugar, molasses, tomato paste or sauce, and other spices and fruit juice or vegetable additions.  Some people add liquid smoke but we've been a little wary of this ingredient because a lot of the bottles of it appear a little too mystery ingredientesque to feel safe allergen wise.  I've called a company or two and been told its just liquid smoke with no other ingredients. I'd rather be safe than sorry with this and depending on the meat we use it on, there is usually enough "smoke" flavor for us from the grill.

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