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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ikea Apple Cake Inspired Recipe Wannabee with Italian tilt

I love the Swedish Apple Cake or Applekaka that used to be a staple at Ikea's restaurant.  Trying to find a duplicate for this recipe is a challenge because there are so many versions of this in Sweden and they just don't turn out the same.  So this recipe is inspired by Ikea and our Swedish roots but a Wannabee because it just isn't the same.  The Italian tilt is because the browned sugar topping and lower profile are more reminiscent of an Italian apple torte. Our favorite way to make this is in a big 12 inch round cake pan and we can polish it off between 4 or 5 of us for breakfast because we love it so much.  A more practical and less caloric way we make it is in two round layer cake pans.  We then eat one of them for 4 or 5 of us and freeze the 2nd one in a gallon Ziploc for a different day.       
OK UPDATE DECEMBER 2011.... Just was at Ikea in San Diego and what used to be a wonderful cake of beautifully sliced apples that was amazing is now a cake of apple chunks that look mooshed and pressed together with goop so they can be mass produced cheaply and sold frozen.  I sooooooooo miss the old Apple Cake they used to have.  So I now love this posted recipe so much more that I don't think I'll ever want to even try to put the new IKEA Slop of an apple cake in my mouth again.  SOOOOOOOO SAD that the good stuff is gone.
UPDATE APRIL 2015.... Tried it again at IKEA last week and now it is almost completely some sort of congealed cornstarch or hardened mush filler that isn't even goop consistency any more. I miss the Applekaka of the past but am thankful for the recipe I have and am hopeful to find a real one again some day in Sweden or somewhere here in the states.

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