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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well Stocked Kitchen List

So Daughter one moves out of the dorm and suddenly there's a kitchen to think about.  What would I buy to start from the beginning again?  This may be a one shot time thinking about it list for the moment or I may come back and finish it. 

My kids will tell you I research my kitchen tools too much but if I'm going to use it daily then why waste time with things that don't work for me and fit in my kitchen the way I want.  I like consumer search and cook's illustrated websites along with others, but when it comes down to spending the 20 cents or $300 for a tool, I need to physically see and feel the tool. 

Since motor skills are a challenge, ergonomics are way important.  Whether standing or in a wheelchair, the tools and resources stocked in a kitchen matter and make a huge difference in being able to enjoy a meal with my family after making it or being too worn out to functionally sit and even use a fork and drink from a glass with them.  I cook to feed and nourish them but sitting together as a family is part of who we are and what we do for meals. 

So the $1 set of wooden spoons vs. the $20 ones is not a matter of cost but rather a matter of function and fit.  It is a matter of making the most of the blessing it is to be with my family.  In the case of wooden spoons, the cheap ones from the Ranch 99 Chinese Grocery store beat out the better looking more expensive ones at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Yes I put them in the dishwasher and wear them out quicker, but that allowes better use of the energy I am blessed to have. 

In the case of a mixing bowl the largest old clear Tupperware one that is no longer sold works best to not dump it on the floor and be able to see through when in a chair, be it with or without wheels.  Since they are no longer available, the best additional bowls available are the white oxo brand ones because of the rubber bottom and place to grip on top.  White because clear isn't available and there is enough contrast with whatever is in the bowl and the color white, when vision sometimes becomes an issue for whatever cause.

Well, here is a beginning list.  Energy gone for now so will add and change later..... if and when I remember....

Sea Salt
Whole peppers with a grinder
Italian Seasoning but not the kind with onion added that so many companies seem to be adding now
Basil (I love my fresh Basil in the kitchen window but for a new kitchen, I guess I would settle for some dried Basil to start with)
Celery Seed (because sometimes I just don't have celery in the fridge and the seeds give the same flavor)
Chili Powder
Chinese 5 spice
Garlic slices or slivers or granules (Garlic salt is just too manufactured and I love the taste of sea salt which helps keep sodium down and flavor fresh)
Dehydrated onion (it's just so convenient and easy without the tears or decision to save or toss the extra half or so of the fresh onion.  Fresh red onions are a must though for recipes that use them.)

white vinegar
rice vinegar
balsamic vinegar
blackberry balsamic vinegar
olive oil
lemon juice
lime juice
small cans pineapple juice

dijon mustard
honey mustard
white flour
wheat flour
baking powder
baking soda
corn starch
corn meal
cocoa powder

oxo mixing bowls
Tupperware measuring set (but I hate the new colors, they make it too hard to read measurments. I want another white set.  They are easy to hold and use.)
2 cup glass measuring cup
Good whisk with handle that won't fly out of your hand or cause cramping
wood spoons

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