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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aunt Debra's Pasta Salad

There are different ways to make this but when we had it at Emma's baptism, this was the general directions for what she made.  I have made different versions but never remember what I do so when Debra made this and it was so good, I asked what she did.  I've also added diced chicken and artichoke hearts.

Bow Tie or Spiral Pasta cooked and drained and cooled to warm or chilled
Greek Salad Dressing OR Italian Salad Dressing (we can make our own so it is soy free)
Bacon bits or shredded bacon
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Feta Cheese
Decent Shredded Parmesian, not the powdered nasty stuff
Spinach with stems off
(Basil leaves would be good too)

Combine the above and add or delete items and serve.

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