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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mozart Study for Kids

Time for Mozart in April! Vivaldi was great studying last month. Bach and Beethoven and Handel were fun listening to as well but will have til later to study individually.

As usual, we will start with an opera, play, story, or Classical Kids CD to set the stage of what the musician sounds like and who the musician is.  Practicalpages from Nadene in South Africa is again the source for the starting materials.

Two Classical Kids CD's this time for Mozart!
Mozart's Magical Fantasy: A Journey through "The Magical Flute"
Mozart's Magnificent Voyage

My kids are a little old but the Baby Mozart stuff may come out here and there again from years again.

We may find one or more episodes of Little Einsteins from years ago also for Mozart.

NOT watching the Amadeus movies from what I remember of appropriateness to children.

Library books. (will post ones I find if have time)

Practicalpages- I will use these pages linked from the page below for study

Ambleside links

Monet Study for Kids

Now on to Monet!  Picasso was last month and went really well.   I will be adding links and materials I use and plan to use and editing through the month.  Thank you Nadene from practicalpages for the consistent set of materials to start from.  It gives me the ability to not start from scratch.  I can then add what is appropriate for my children to explore and develop.

Linnea in Monet's Garden lesson plans, book, and movie.  The lesson plan is in case I don't have time to write out my own and just for an idea.

Giverny and the gardens website.

Youtube videos of Monet's Garden

video with drive to Giverny so you can see what the region looks like.  It is different from a window driving than traveling through France by train.

Share Impressionism, media used, techniques, and subject matter. Present some modern Impressionists that I sold paintings from years ago.

Visit San Diego Museum of Art at Balboa Park to see Monet painting.
Use Impressionist books we have at home and get more from the library if needed.

Water Lilly project
Go to see water lillies at nursery. Maybe visit Koi ponds Olivenhain, Forum mall, Zoo, and/or Balboa Park Sculpture Garden. Take photos, do sketches, describe sounds and smells, and produce art through multiple media.

Houses of Parliament project
Choose architectural building with water reflection to visit different times of day or possibly Balboa Park. Sketch, Chalk draw and smear, photograph for later, describe how feel (hot, cold, sad, happy, ????) and try to make artistic portrayal feel that way.  DON'T try to make it look exactly like the building!

Minibook on Claude Monet

Impressionist Music - We won't be studying it by composer for this month but we will listen to some and review this wikipedia entry so there is some historical perspective on music of the time.