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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lemon Bar Recipe

There are many recipes for lemon bars but this one is lemony and tangy and sweet and just the right amount of each part of a lemon bar.  Some people kind of make them that taste like they were dusted with flour, not powdered sugar.  Some people make them with a dry crust that has a really tiny amount of any flavor on top.  Some people make them so that they look nice but the lemon pie type filling on top tastes like rice paste.  This recipe doesn't make those mistakes and is perfect for our family.


colleen said...

I just texted your wife for this very recipe (because these are the best-ever lemon bars!) and she directed me here. Hooray!

Uncle San Daddiego said...

I'm glad you found it. They sound good, but it's a little too late to make them tonight for me. Too bad. Thanks.