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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Where do the forks go?"

1. Print
2. Cut out
3. Paste to the latest free Realtor Calendar Magnet left at your door
4. Place on fridge
5. Hey kids... Remember to check the fridge to know where it goes and if you need to, you can hold it next to the place you are setting

I don't remember where I found this place setting picture but there are so many different ones that this one seemed to do all that we needed for our family.


Cameron said...

wasn't this the magnet that Emily brought home from some etiquette dinner she went to when she was in brownies?

Uncle San Daddiego said...

Haha, It might have been. That was a long time ago. I know I've looked these up at different times to redo over the years, but it would be funny if this was that one from years ago. Cool memory Cameron!

Felicity said...

Annika absolutely loved the one you made with her at preschool. She happily set the table for weeks after she brought it home!

Uncle San Daddiego said...

Thanks. I just used it myself last night. Yes, I forgot which side to put the fork on with the kids running all around. A quick glance at the fridge and I didn't have to keep second quessing.