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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Menus / Menu's

So.......  Here are some of the menus from the past.

OK... so I have gone thru different stages of meal planning from what's in the cupboard, to what's easiest tonight, to what can the kids fix on their own, to planning by the week, to planning every two weeks, to planning monthly, to planning in 3 or more month sections for daily menus.  OK.. why do Menus and Menu's both look incorrect right this moment.  Maybe it should be Meni.

Well... I have also posted menus/menu's on the fridge with pictures and in lists. I have posted them in boring calendar grid format when my older method of printing didn't work any more.  Now the boring way that was on a program that synced with my palm treo 650 and kept 3 months at my fingertips with shopping lists too has crashed too many times. 

Help... I'm now trying to figure out another way without going back to the oldest way of using Excel spreadsheets, then exporting them to Publisher and then doing separate shopping lists in Word.  So far there a few aps on my Ipod Touch, but they really don't do what I need so I don't want to put too much effort into them until I find something that works.

Why would I plan meals like this, you might ask?  Many reasons, but the initial reason was because I was basically homebound and had to have what I needed in stock and be able to provide a healthy variety.  It also solved the problem of the kids asking what was for dinner and then complaining about it.  I also didn't have to think about it, which was huge.
The key to planning ahead was being flexible to change if we are out and not back in time to cook, yet I would have time to prepare many things ahead.  I also was able to make enough of some things for 2 or 3 meals and rather than have the same thing for 3 nights in a row, freeze the meals for later and free up times when I couldn't cook. 
We also had the bailout menu listed that we would rotate so we didn't h
ave taco salad or macaroni and cheese everynight on a really busy or bad health week.

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