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Friday, September 7, 2012

"99 Ranch Market" destination to remember

Love this place!!!!!

San Diego (Clairmont Mesa) has the best one out of Arizona, San Diego, and Orange County.  China Town in San Francisco has such a variety of small markets and restaurants that I haven't even looked for one there.

Love the eat in/take out too! Ducks still hang by the neck cooked and dripping like in "Christmas Story". If you see the ducks hanging, you are at one of the two way inexpensive, way delicious, huge portion, places there that we love. Don't forget the BBQ steamed pork buns there either.

No more coiled snake in the freezer section like so many years ago but all the living and dead seafood and other things you can imagine. On our last trip to 99, it had been remodelled so it wasn't as much like being in Beijing in the late 80's. The remodel makes it a little less nostalgic but the smells and tastes are still what makes it unique and a favorite desitination.

Sorry for my preference of Chinese food over other Asian cuisine but if whatever you eat is something that comes from the sea or land and the cook isn't sure if it's an animal or plant, or doesn't know how to translate what it is, always choose the Chinese version.   Thai comes in second place. The others Asian cuisines are hit and miss for me with some highs but enough extreme misses that have caught me off guard in such bad ways that I always prefer Chinese. Ok, raw pig snout in the north of China caught me off guard once, but other than that, althoug some Chinese food has been a surprise, rarely has that surprise been a dissapointment.

Ok, enough of the plug for Ranch 99 Market and Chinese food. Just a note for my kids to remember.

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