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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vivaldi Study Unit for Kids

Yes... We love Vivaldi! In teaching our children about art, artists, musicians, composers, and music, we have come up with units to help us with this.  I may post other units here or start a separate school blog.

First read "I, Vivaldi" ISBN 978-0-8028-5318-9

Next Listen to "Vivaldi, Ring of Mystery" by Classical Kids

Tour Venice on Youtube.  Preview the videos that are posted.

Go to mapquest type sites and look at arial images of Venice including the Island of the Dead.  This gives great context of what Venice is and was.

Use Nadene's awesome site and scroll down on the two following links to Vivaldi to use as a research start. Have kids do supervised web searches and look at local library for additional materials.  They need to do some of the finding.

Although the Composer Timeline from Cincinnati Public Radio is brief on information, it is a decent timeline to have the children see where a musician was in time context of other musicians.

Listen to Vivaldi station on Pandora or to other recordings and have the kids fill out a  couple music appreciation log sheets from Nadene's practical pages after a week or two of listening and being familiar with Vivaldi's music.

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