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Sunday, January 8, 2012

San Diego possible Soy Free Eating Options

This is a list of some places that may or may not still have Soy Free food options in San Diego and especially North County San Diego.  ALWAYS check first as ingredients are ALWAYS subject to change.
In and out (uses cottonseed oil)
Cessys (Mexican Taco Dive in Carlsbad)
Mr taco (Mexican Taco Dive in San Marcos)
Brunos pizza and lunch buffet (San Marcos)
Filipis pizza (throughout San Diego County)
Ranch 99 (bbq pork buns)
Phil’s BBQ San Diego dry rub
Rubios (Bean And Cheese burrito)
Il Fornaio (Throughout California)
Vigiluci’s downtown Carlsbad
Whole Foods Market Encinitas and La Jolla
Sprouts (rotisserie Chicken fairly bland but usually ok)
Souplantation salad only
Claim Jumper Carlsbad (maybe salad bar and maybe ribs if request no sauce but need to check each time)
Elephant bar (vegetables and salad no dressing)
Jamba Juice
Girard Gourmet for Sandwiches on Girard in La Jolla might have soy free bread

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Anonymous said...

I have severe soy allergies. I talked with the manager at Spiros Gyros on Coronado and I can eat a beef souvlaki skewer or pita sandwich (the gyros and fries DO have soy)! Delicious. The tzatziki sauce is also OK!