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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Soy-Free Page to Give Others for Dealing with My Child's Soy Allergy

My Child’s soy allergies

My child  is allergic to all foods and products that include soy-based ingredients

This includes the following ingredients on product labels
soy protein                soybean oil
soy flour                     partially hydrogenated soybean oil
soy lecithin                vegetable oil
lecithin                       soy sauce

These ingredients are found in many products, such as
Most grocery store sliced bread                 most chocolate (lecithin)
All margarine                                                            many body soaps, shampoos, etc
Crisco/shortening                                        most canned food (soup, chili, etc.)
Many condiments (ketchup, mustard)     frozen meals (lasagna, pot pies, etc.)
Many kinds of ice cream                            most asian food
Most snack foods (chips, crackers)           processed foods (sausage, bologna)
Most baked goods (cakes, cake mixes, cookies)
Oil coatings on fresh fruit                           most hot cocoa mixes
            PAM and nonstick sprays                          most peanut butter
            Most mayonnaise                                        most salad dressings
            Butter at restaurants(usually is a mix of butter and margarine)
            Many corn and canola oils (sometimes even though it says corn or other oil, in the small  
             print it has some soy oil mixed in)
            Most frozen poultry(enhancer and/or broth is soy)
            Most marinades

Other ingredients that may or may not specifically say “soy” that do contain soy and that Emily reacts to are
Natural flavoring                              broth               vegetable oil
MSG (monosodium glutamate)     lecithin           vegetable protein (TVP)

The types of food my child CAN have are…
Made from scratch                                       candy/treats without chocolate
Dairy products (milk, cheese, butter)        Mom’s White Bread (trader joes)
Some tortillas and tortilla chips                 Lays potato chips

Restaurant food my child CAN have  (restaurants that USUALLY don’t use soy products)
In N Out hamburgers (with ketchup & mustard instead of sauce) & French fries (they use cottonseed oil)
Salads with olive oil & vinegar dressings
Joey’s Only fish & fries
Filippi’s pizza
Bruno's pizza
Wendy’s baked potatoes with sour cream (not margarine)

This list is by no means exhaustive but should be helpful to assist with food for my child.

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